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Planning Tips | Winners of the Go Wild 2023 design competition

Winners of the Go Wild 2023 design competition

Now it's finally time to present the five winners that each get a $100 gift card!
25 August 2023
At Go Wild 2023 in Washington D.C, we held a design competition where visitors at our booth could sit down and sketch the components they’d like to see in our online design tool for customized planners and notebooks. It could be layouts, modules big or small, extra page types, or just anything you could think of really! There was a ton of creativity flowing at the table, with so many great ideas and entries. A massive thank you to everyone who participated, we loved meeting you all <3
After an amazing weekend we brought the entries back home and handed them over to our graphic designers. They picked five winners whose designs they were inspired by, and then created their interpretations of these. The results are two new layouts and a total of 13 new modules (!). All now available to pick in our design tool when creating your customized planner (dated) or notebook (undated).

In no particular order, here they are:


Daily undated (notebook)

Ashley Martin

Find it when picking your layout at step 5 of the Notebook design tool, under the “Go Wild” category.
Ashley's entry:
Daily notebook layout by Ashley Martin
The result:

Weekly dated (planner)

Cintya Giselle

Find it when picking your layout at step 5 of the Planner design tool, under the “Go Wild” category.
Cintya Giselle's entry:
Weekly planner layout
The result:


You'll find these at step 8 (planner) or 7 (notebook) of the design tool, under the "Go Wild" category. A few layouts doesn't include spaces for larger modules, make sure to pick one that does to be able to add them!

Modules - Lists

Monica Sanders
Monica's entry:
The result:

Modules - So mush to do

Christy's entry:
The result:

Modules - On my mind

By Julie
Julie's entry:
Modules - on my mind
The result:

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