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The best planner or journal is created by you

With a custom and personalized planner, journal or notebook, you are one step closer to realizing your dreams and achieving your goals! Choose from a wide range of design options in our easy design tool to create a product as unique as you are, perfectly adapted to suit your needs.
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New: Personal Hardcover Planners

It’s finally here… Let us introduce you to the latest addition to our product family: the large hardcover edition of our planners!

It’s bigger (6.9” x 9.8” to be exact). Has more pages. Is plastic free. Make any cover image look amazing. And, maybe most importantly: it’s just as customizable as our classics. So what are you waiting for? Create yours!
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Planner or Journal?

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In the calendar tool, you'll find dated weekly layouts in various designs, including both familiar classics and some more creative variations! Our notebook journal is a flexible and undated option. Here, you can create a classic lined journal, but also much more: a daily layout where you fill in today's date yourself, a recipe book, a travel journal, or perhaps a workout log?

With a custom planner or journal, the choice is yours

It can be anything! A classic calendar with a personal touch, a workout journal, a creative bullet journal, or why not a recipe book? Customize every detail step-by-step in an easy-to-use design tool:
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Our latest collaborations

We collaborate with creative artists whose unique cover images add that extra touch to your personal calendar or notebook. Explore their collections and find your favorite:
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Why create a custom planner?

Planner, calender, or maybe a life planner... A beloved tool with many names and just as many uses. Some plan and track their hobbies, while others keep tabs on meetings and their children's activities.

By creating a custom planner for yourself, you can ensure that it includes the elements that work specifically for you. Design an exterior that brings you joy and motivation, and then fill the inside with components that help you keep track of what matters to you. Do you want to make a planner that's extra or do you prefer to keep it minimalist? When you create your own planner, the choice is yours!
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