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Planning Tips | How to plan your family activities

How to plan your family activities

5 tips to make all the puzzle pieces fall into place
18 May 2021

In an active family, getting the week to work can be a challenge! There are loads of things that need to be done, but by structuring your time you can create a plan that allows things to flow smoothly and stress-free. Putting all the pieces together so that you can have a more harmonious family life doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Just follow our five simple tips and try it yourself!

Start by creating an overview of your family’s time. What does a typical week in your home look like? What activities and appointments does each family member have? Once you have made a simple time analysis you can start planning. Planning also allows you to discover where your weaknesses are. When you know in advance that you will not have much time, you will find it is easier to be pre-prepared and plan for it in advance.

Reality vs. Goals
Think about what is important to you and the rest of your family. What do your schedules look like in relation to mealtimes, bedtime and schoolwork? Do you need to adjust your plans to have time for everything you want to do to feel well? Be honest with yourself and keep in mind that a weekly plan also needs to contain time for any unforeseen events.

Create a personal calendar
Now it’s time to start your family planning! Select a layout that best suits you and one where you have space for all your family’s activities. One tip is to select a calendar for weekly planning and extra pages for notes, so that you can keep everything in one place.

Continue filling in the pages
Once your foundation is in place, you can start planning in birthdays, celebrations, school leaving, study days, etc. Make writing down everything you need to remember a habit, so you won’t have to try and keep it all in your head.

Reconcile and adjust
It’s a smart idea to evaluate your planning together after a couple of weeks have passed. Does your daily life work as you planned or is there something you want to adjust? It is obvious that things don’t always go to plan, particularly when children are involved. However, having sound basic planning to fall back on should help you feel more secure.

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