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Let your words and creativity flow with a collection of wonderful pens and pencils! Here you’ll find pens in every color of the rainbow; with erasable ink as well as highlighters and fineliners for those small details. Combine several to color code your planning, fill in mood trackers or just draw and write to your heart’s content.


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Which pen should you choose?

Pilot’s popular Frixion Clickers are comfortable pens with erasable ink, the perfect base to start with whether you mostly write or draw. Highlighters are, apart from highlighting of course, great for filling bigger areas with color. If you like your lines to be extra thin, we recommend our Fineliners! All of them combine together wonderfully, and have been tested in our planners and notebooks to ensure quality and that there’s no bleed-through from normal use.

Get inspired

Want to see our pens in action, or are you looking for some inspiration for how to incorporate more colors into your planning? Follow us on Instagram @sotypicalme

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