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Planning Tips | Travel Journal Ideas

Travel Journal Ideas

Inspiring tips on how to tailor your travel journal to your personality, planning needs and travel goals.
4 April 2022
Spring is finally here and if you’re like us you’ve already started thinking about your summer plans. Maybe you want to maximize your days on the beach? Rent a peaceful cabin in the woods? Prepare a budget that will let you enjoy as many restaurants as possible in an exciting city? Or maybe you’re going on a family road trip? Whatever your dreams are for this summer, the best way to prepare is to start planning in your own personalized travel journal!

Keep reading for some really inspiring tips on how to tailor your travel journal to your personality, planning needs and travel goals.

What is a travel journal?

Well, it can be many things, and if you design it yourself it will fit your needs perfectly. You can for example use it as a practical planning tool, a place to collect inspiration and vacation dreams, or as a classic journal where you write about your summer adventures day by day.

In our design tool you’ll be able to create a travel journal that’s tailored to the kind of plans you’ll be making. Apart from being personalized according to what kind of summer adventures you're planning, you can make sure it fits your style and taste visually as well. You can even upload your own pictures for the front and back cover if you want! So why not put your dream destination on the cover as inspiration!?

Ideas for your perfect travel journal

A practical travel journal

If you want your travel journal to be a practical tool for when you’re out on your adventure, make sure it has lots of lists where you can store important information. Space for you to write down ideas and thoughts about potential places to visit might be a good idea as well. You might want to use a dated layout and make notes about what you’re going to do each day.

Something that could be really cute and appreciated by the kids is having a family goal to try a new kind of ice cream every week and track your process in your journal!

In our design tool you can add lots of exciting pages to your journal. One example is world maps, which is perfect if you want to mark the steps of your journey!

World Map Extra Pages
A travel journal for your family adventures!

Tips for when you create your travel journal with our design tool

The planner layout “Split” leaves the entire right hand page of the spread open for adding your modules of choice. You could also leave it blank for plenty of space to add photos, tickets and other memories later on!
Add a couple of “Contacts”-pages (at step 11) to write down important contact details you might need during your travels. Perfect backup if you should find yourself without access to the Internet!
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Dreams and inspiration

If you’re planning to use your travel journal mostly in the dream and plan phase before your actual holiday, maybe you want something like a dot grid, lined or undated layout?

It might be important to have space for loose plans, doodling, and even scrapbooking. If you’re the creative type, you could use this kind of travel journal as a mood board and a place where you beautifully turn all your travel dreams into travel plans. Match your travel journal with an inspiring sticker sheet and there are no limits to how creative you can get in this dreamy phase of your planning process!

Travel log and beautiful memories

There’s something very romantic about the thought of having a dedicated travel journal to bring with you on your adventures. To spend some time writing in it every day and make sure you don’t forget any of the amazing details of your summer.

For this kind of journal we would recommend one of our Notebook layouts where you can have as much space as you want to write, attach pictures or be creative.

Maybe you want your journal to be something you can go back to years later, read and reminisce about your wonderful times this summer? All our products are of great quality and will last for years and years if you treat them well, so it’s a perfect way to make sure you’ll never forget all the great times during your travels.

A journal for your travels

Our notebook layout "Daily Reflections" is undated, with lots of space to be creative! Design yours »

Travel journal with trackers

If you want a different way to record trip details, you might want to structure your travel journal with different trackers. Maybe you want to track how many times you’ve been swimming in the sea this summer, how far you’ve walked when exploring new cities or log all the restaurants you’ve tried and rate them? You could create a summer bucket list and track your success in doing everything on the list.

There are no limits and no rules to how you decide to use your travel journal. The important thing is that it works for you and that you’re having fun and enjoying the experience! The same thing is true about our online design tool for planners and notebooks, there are no rules and you can create a travel journal that you’re completely in love with and can’t wait to bring with you on your journey!

Create a travel journal with your family

Are you going on a family adventure and dreaming about creating a time capsule with your shared memories? With all the emotions and descriptions of the places, people, and things you’ve encountered? Why not bring your kids into the process from the beginning and let them help you design a travel journal in our design tool. Choose colors, front and back cover, theme, layout and much more. Hopefully this will make your kids really excited to help you write in the journal and see it as a fun part of you going on a trip together. What a wonderful thing to be able to read together when they’re older?!

Don't forget to put a picture of all of you together on the front cover of your family travel journal to make it even more personal and cute!

A family travel journal

Why not put your favorite family photo on the cover? You can upload your own photo when designing your journal.

Design your own personalized travel journal

We hope you feel inspired to create your own travel journal now and that you already have lots of ideas for how you want it to look. The design process is easy, fun and has just enough details and features for you to create the best journal you can imagine!

If you want even more inspiration before you begin, look us up on Instagram and you will find loads of pictures, videos and tips on how to get the most out of designing your travel journal yourself.

First step: dated or undated layout?

Start with a planner with one of our weekly layouts if you want to plan things for specific days. The start date is up to you! If you want plenty of space for writing and being creative in your travel journal, a notebook might be the perfect fit for you.

With a custom planner or journal, the choice is yours

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