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Karin Ohlsson

Please welcome 8 playful covers created for you by the Swedish designer Karin Ohlsson! These beautiful abstract designs are worth to be on the cover, we are sure of that! Karin’s illustrations are made for those who’d like to add some mischievousness in their lives as well as for those who’d like to keep it simple. Vivid flowers, Swedish fika, everyday situations, just to name a few. Cherry-pick the one that reflects your inner self best and add some extra content to create something personal.

If you want to see a happy motive from Karin as your cover image, click on the categories “Collaborations” and “Karin Ohlsson” when choosing front and back covers. Have fun!

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Karin Ohlsson planners and journals

Karin Ohlsson is an illustrator from Sweden with a degree in communications and graphic design. Her main source of inspiration is everyday situations she finds herself in. For Karin it is important to make and see people smile, that is why humour is an essential part of her creative process.

Karin enjoys using colours, water colours to be precise. Palettes with contrasting colours and photography inspire Karin just as much as everyday life.
Her approach to work involves creating things that are as fun to see as it is for her to make. The actual process of creating something is what matters the most. Being a fan of working with pen and paper, Karin prefers doing most of her work by hand rather than digitally. “I love to see the material make its own decisions for me” says Karin.

You can find more of Karin’s designs on her website, portfolio and Instagram.

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